America Saves Week: Feb 27 - March 4

America Saves Week (ASW) is coordinated by America Saves and the American Savings Education Council. Started in 2007, ASW is an annual opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for individuals to assess their own saving status.

ASW 2017 will be Feb. 27 – March 4. In support of ASW, Oklahoma Money Matters (OKMM) is spreading the saving message and urging our campus and community partners to encourage the people they serve to make savings automatic.

Five reasons your organization should join ASW:

  • Position your organization as a leader in savings education. As a participant in ASW, you’ll join thousands of organizations nationwide who have made a commitment to help others save.
  • Help others establish a savings goal and plan. There are striking differences between the savings progress of those with and without a savings plan. In fact, Americans are twice as likely to spend less than they earn and save the difference if they have a defined plan.
  • Provide a valuable benefit. Encourage your employees, students, or community members to take financial action. From promoting the benefits of savings to employees to holding workshops and developing new partnerships, there are so many ways to help people take financial action during ASW.
  • Help reduce stress. Financial concerns are the number one cause of employee stress. High employee stress levels lead to higher health care costs for your company and negatively impact employee productivity and morale.
  • Increase your reach. Participating organizations reported reaching over 9 million people through ASW 2016 efforts. America Saves provides all the promotional materials you’ll need to reach more individuals.

Show your commitment to help others save by joining America Saves Week. Organizations that join will be listed at AmericaSavesWeek.org and will receive ASW news and updates.

Ready to help others save? Here’s how you can participate.

  • Sign up at America Saves Week.
  • Use the Toolkit to utilize Daily Savings Focus tips, social media content and sample content for blogs, emails and newsletters, among other resources.
  • Sponsor events and activities during America Saves Week.

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