Freshman Orientation: Which Door Will They Choose?

Incoming freshmen and transfer students will experience a lot on your campus: challenging classes, new friends and engaging social experiences. As educators and administrators know very well, making wise financial choices isn’t a game – a student’s ability to manage money impacts every aspect of life. Will your students make the right choice for financial success now and in the future? Let us help you start them on a solid financial path by introducing or expanding personal finance education within the new student orientation program or freshman orientation seminars and classes at your campus.

Oklahoma Money Matters (OKMM), the financial literacy initiative of tshe Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, provides free personal finance resources to help students make smart choices. We offer a variety of customizable, entertaining presentations focused on money management topics like creating a spending plan, saving for the future, managing consumer credit, understanding and preventing identity theft, and making wise financial aid choices, including student loans and gift aid.

To supplement our workshops, our website OklahomaMoneyMatters.org provides access to an assortment of interactive money management tools, including self-paced learning modules, a customizable budgeting calculator, newsletters and podcasts. Contact Ava Doyle at 405.234.4488 or adoyle@ocap.org to discuss how OKMM can help you empower students to manage their money wisely. Workshops are subject to staff availability, so schedule yours today!

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