OKMM Services for Campus Professionals

We want to help you integrate financial education into the work you’re already doing. We’re prepared to support your financial education efforts through direct service and staff training.

Here are a few of our signature services:

::Workshops and Workshop Series::

Workshops are a great way to reach a large number of students with topics that matter to them. OKMM can help you plan and market your workshop to reach the most students. Schedule a workshop, or series of workshops, on any of the following topics:

Each workshop can be customized to best fit your class schedule and the interests of your students. In a one-hour session, we can typically cover two topics in general, or one topic in-depth. We can even help you create a survey to gauge your students’ interests and educational needs.

::Publications & Resources::Your Money Matters HS Guide

In addition to workshops, we also offer the following products and publications:

::Freshman Orientation and First-Year Experience Classes::

We recognize that campus professionals and professors have a lot of important information to share with new students during orientation and first-year experience classes, but it’s also one of the best times to introduce them to financial concepts.

Let us work with you to customize an approach that works for your students, helping them to avoid financial missteps that can negatively impact their college career and beyond. Take advantage of our workshops, train-the-trainer sessions or orientation materials.

Contact us any time to save a spot on our schedule. We’d love to work with your school!

::Campus-Wide Initiative::

Partner with us to turn your existing events and programs into a campus-wide financial literacy initiative. We can help you gather the important players and execute a strategic plan to integrate financial literacy into many aspects of campus life. We’ll help you brainstorm ways to turn existing efforts into a cohesive program. In addition to brainstorming, we can work with your team to develop a marketing campaign and assessment strategy.

::Financial Friday Program::

Financial Friday is a monthly service allowing people to anonymously ask money-related questions and get the answers they need. The first Friday of each month, we send subscribers an email answering a user-submitted question. You can participate in Financial Friday by signing up to receive and distribute the email to your students or staff.

For a more customized experience, we can help you develop website text or an online button to promote the service to your students. To learn more about this program and view sample emails, contact us at

::Web Text & Financial Literacy Articles::

We can offer customized financial content for your website, blog, or newsletter and provide a set of key personal finance messages designed for your social media outlets. If you need text that makes an impact, we can help you develop the right material for your audience. We can even help you work with your media personnel or webmaster to distribute the content.

::Additional Campus Services::